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Counselling: Individuals, Couples & Families

Fertility, Pregnancy & Postnatal Support


Ashley Parker MA Relationship Therapy, Dip Hyp, Dip HB, MHA, MBACP


Ashley Parker Therapy Space

Off the Mount


YO24 1BN


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Telephone: 07707 151 239

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Individuals, Couples & Families

Fertility, Pregnancy & Postnatal Support

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Growing a Baby & the post natal period...

Pregnancy can be a magical time for lots of women, but for some, the monumental changes occurring both physically and emotionally can be overwhelming and can sometimes affect your emotional wellbeing. Getting the appropriate support is essential and in the first instance it is important to speak to your GP and Midwife to ensure you get the right support.






These sessions are designed to give you the space to talk through unresolved issues surrounding a difficult or disappointing birth. Perhaps you have struggled to bond with your baby or maybe overwhelming feelings are troubling you?


The first 1 hour session will be a chance to give  a brief overview of your experience (if not too difficult), getting an idea of what you are experiencing now and  what might be helpful ongoing. Sometimes, this can be enough, but further sessions may be required or ongoing counselling may be an option.


Sessions are gentle and supportive and an                                      opportunity to explore in a guilt free way.

50 Minutes - Cost: £50 





Birth Reflecting/Healing

Birth Ready Tuesdays

As a hypnobirthing teacher, I work with couples in preparation for birth. Whilst I would always recommend the full course, sometimes it isn't possible to commit to the full course. This session is aimed at Mum's around 35+ weeks in pregnancy to provide a supportive, nurturing and safe space to:

  • discuss hopes, expectations & any anxieties

  • birth preferences & maybe a birth plan

  • release fear with an experienced antenatal teacher and therapist

  • Enjoy a calming and deeply relaxing hypnotherapy session preparing you for birth.


Sessions focus on individual needs & preferences and lasts 2 Hours -

Cost: £50 











In addition to this, there are many things that can help with both physical and emotional stresses, such as acupuncture, talking therapies, reflexology, yoga, massage etc.


In my experience of working with pregnant women and couples, many of you are still moving at a very

fast day to day pace of life and although pregnancy is certainly not an illness and

shouldn't stop you from doing your day to day things, it is a time to slow down a little and take some extra time for yourself; a time to connect with the little human being(s) you are growing. This might mean taking as little as 5 minutes to take a few deep, slow breaths or maybe getting some additional support.

Sometimes women/couples do everything to prepare for the birth or their child and then struggle to adjust to life as parents or the new addition to the family. There might be family issues, or financial worries - there could be concerns about work/life balance or just a general overwhelmed feeling. Having a baby can affect your sex life, desire and can lead to a breakdown in couple communication. Having children can also bring about unresolved issues with our own parents or from childhood that you might want to work through.


Perhaps you are anxious about the pending birth or have had a difficult experience already? Maybe you are noticing difficulties with your partner or are worried about how a new baby will affect your already exisiting family? Perhaps your baby is already here and you are struggling to adjust?  If so, having a few sessions to talk to someone impartial may be just what you need. A space to have open conversations about the things that have perhaps felt too difficult to broach at home or say out loud?