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There's No Going Back Baby...

If only - right?! 

Remember how EASY it used to feel? The lightness, the laughter, the conversation, the sex.

Remember when you used to find each other interesting? Likeable, even? Of course you long to return to that, in your heart. But in your head, it’s clear- there’s no going back.

Grabbing the ‘right moment’ to have a chat is a challenge all in itself. 

Then you add in the dread of coming away feeling more deflated, disconnected and misunderstood than where you started and before you know it you’re shuffling that shit back under the carpet.

I see you

Imagine feeling like you had the tools in your belt to weather the storm, not chasing after the relationship you had ‘back then’. Feeling able to just grab that moment and know that you can communicate honestly and openly without stumbling over what you want to say. 

Not waiting until the next blow up to air your grievances or worse even…just letting them simmer under the surface, hoping for a miracle.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the miracle isn’t coming, but this will bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.   

I know you don't think it should be this hard

Truth bomb incoming…growing pains can be hard.

It’s easy to get swept away with scenes of romantic carpet picnics by a roaring fire like the ones you see in romcoms; or a frantic race to get naked for a passion fuelled sex session on the kitchen floor; I know.

I also know that the making up and breaking up shown on TV never quite looks the same behind your front door. 

I know it's also tempting to want to bypass the tricky conversations. I mean what does talking have to do with any of this. Thoughts of making your great escape creep in.

Yep, I went there!

You would rather contemplate splitting up than face talking about this stuff. Perhaps you even reason with yourself that it would be great to get 50% of the time away from your kids. 

You're definitely not alone

But in my decade of experience specialising in relationships I know that you can grow into the relationship you fantasise about. I see it happening; not overnight, but gradually - then suddenly and to all kinds of couples. 

There are good days ahead…if you are willing to cultivate them. Communication being the key probably sounds overly simplistic or dull as dishwater, but years of training and experience tell me it's the truth.

Your lack of quality time can be improved by your communication. Balance can be found through more useful conversation. Intimacy will improve when you are building up trust via your communication.

This isn't a step by step guide to happily ever after. But it's a starter toolkit for a couple who are willing to be the heroes in their own stories. Intimacy and connection can be found in your next chapter, not just Netflix. 










Here is what you will learn 


  • How you got here. I know you think it’s only you, and of course every couple is different. But understanding that the patterns you have fallen into are common experiences can help you to gain confidence that you can overcome them.

  • How time, pace and space can help you find a rhythm that works for you both; this isn’t about compromise, but collaboration. This approach has been highly effective in driving progress for the many couples I’ve counselled over the last 9 years.


  • I will help you to get grounded and move through the fear that prevents you from starting those trickier conversations.

  • You will learn to overcome the temptation to keep things as they are  at the expense of the life you want.  


  • You will gain some straight-forward, jargon free tools to get you going, and to overcome the obstacles that can get in the way.

Pre Recorded Video Lesson + Workbook £47 



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Please ensure your email address is up to date on your paypal or contact me. 


Q: Do I need to attend live? 

A: Nope...I know you’re probably already spinning enough plates, so the workshop will be recorded and land straight in your inbox for your leisurely viewing. 

Q: Will I be required to participate or share info? 

A: That’s a no too! The format is to ensure that you maintain your anonymity and privacy. 

Q: Do we need to watch it together? 

A: It would be great if you could watch it together, but totally fine to fly solo. You can implement your learning either way. 

Q: What does the workshop include? 

A: You will receive a recorded workshop and a short workbook to accompany the video. 


About Ashley 

Ashley is an experienced York based therapist specialising in Relationships. 

She runs a thriving private practice offering individual and couples therapy and online workshops. 

Ashley is a Mother to 3 children and has a special interest in the transitions in to parenthood and finding the balance in your relationship. 

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