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Couples Intensive


This 2 hour intensive package may be the best option for you if: 

  • You are in need of a kickstart because you are perhaps feeling like you're in crisis or can't commit to longer term therapy. 

  • You are unsure about whether it's worth embarking on couples therapy because you're unsure of the future of the relationship, so this can give you some direction and clarity on next steps if you're at a fork in the road.   

  • You are feeling like the relationship needs some TLC or a bit of a 'service'.  You can revisit goals or establish new terms and can breathe some life in to things when they are maybe feeling a little stagnant. 

What is the benefit of investing in a service like this? 

When we have the same repetitive (going around in circles) kinds of conversations with one another, so much is lost. We stop hearing one another, we are ready to fire back rather than hearing what the other is saying and it can leave us feeling really stuck and hopeless. Having someone there to provide a contained space for these conversations and to ensure you don't fall down the same old rabbit holes means that you may start gleaning insight and information that just hasn't been obvious before. 

It opens up new opportunities and a new dialogue.


It creates space to consider things that may be buried in fear and mystery and I guess the biggest question is, can you afford to keep things as they are? 

What is included?

  • Pre-Session Questionnaire to help structure the session in the most effective way and get clarity on your intentions and goals. 

  • Guidance on how to best prepare for the session practically and emotionally. 

  • A clear outline of what will be worked on for clarity and to ensure you achieve the goal of the session. 

  • A post-session summary of what is covered and help to maintain momentum.

  • A voice note date with me to check in post-session. 

Important Information: 

This is not suitable for anyone who isn't open to guidance and expertise from a therapeutic perspective.

Whilst it is helpful to have a structure and outline for goals, the nature of therapy sometimes means that other things arise that may not be so obvious at the beginning. This may mean that the focus shifts. 

This is also not a session where one person can push their own agenda above the others. The benefit of having a third person is that both people are being heard and having their needs and expectations acknowledged. 

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