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My Approach

Plants and Candles

If you’ve found your way here, I’m guessing it wasn’t by accident.

Never has it been so apparent that life can throw us some curve balls and collectively we can all probably say we have felt some shifts lately.


Sometimes we can weather these storms better than others and there are a multitude of things that can throw you and your relationships out of balance.

My therapeutic approach is underpinned by a breadth of experience and  insights working with a relational model which lends itself to working with individuals and couples. My approach weaves our history including family of origin and past relationships with our present and the systems we live in. 

My super power is my transparency and I endeavour to provide a warm, nurturing, and confidential environment to support you in exploration, discovery and resolving some of the challenging areas in your life which can help bring you back to your own rhythm.

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