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Just so you know...I'm not here to fix you

because you're not broken.  I don't approach therapy as a 'fixer'. I see the therapeutic process as a collaboration and use my experience and expertise, taking in to account your unique circumstances and needs. 

My work is built on trust, warmth and the conditions for growth and my role is to create a space to nurture these and to listen. 

Your role is to bring yourself and an openness to explore the areas of your life that are feeling in need of some TLC. 

Working with me will help to restore a sense of hope and clarity. 


What is talking therapy? 

Image by Austin Chan

Talking therapy is a great way of exploring areas of your life that are leaving you feeling confused, unhappy or curious about how things could be different. This may be as simple as needing to explore a specific area or problem or a more complex and in depth issue that requires longer therapeutic intervention. 

This is for you if

  • You are committed to the process (usually a minimum of 6 sessions).

  • Open to exploration of (sometimes unexpected) issues. 

  • Commitment to work beyond the sessions

  • You are ready to embrace growth and change

This probably won't suit you if

  • You're expecting a quick fix

  • You just want someone to agree with you

  • You're not open to exploring potential areas beyond the presenting issue

  • You are reluctant to change things

About me

I'm Ashley, I help you navigate choppy waters and create equilibrium in order to renew your sense of optimism and confidence in the possibility for change.

When I'm not supporting lovely humans, you'll find me sipping a flat white, wrestling a toddler and trying to keep up with the endless pings reminding me of the next football shenanigans!

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