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Your Relationship Toolkit

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Is it for you? 

Just acknowledging that your relationship needs some much needed attention is in itself a bold statement to yourself and each other, but sometimes things get in the way of undertaking therapy or maybe you're not even sure you're that in to the idea...

When it feels like you've been trying for a really long time, it's hard to be able to envision any other way and if you're nodding your head, I see you! 

This course isn't therapy, but it is designed to be accessible and enough of a boost of practical and therapeutic tools with the aim of bridging  the gap between feeling like you're always trying, but getting nowhere and feeling like you're able to begin to see a way forward. 

As an experienced couples therapist, I have an abundance of insight in to the types of things that bring couples to therapy and one of the fundamental issues is disconnection

It can be so so hard to keep bidding for connection and not getting anywhere; and yet very often our bids aren't landing and sometimes that can lead to behaviours that seem to have the opposite affect. You are not alone and there are ways to bridge that gap. 

A few things you can expect - 

  • You will learn about softening your edges (this is imperative to being able to do the work) 

  • Ways to turn towards each other instead of away from one another. 

  • Tools to de-escalate difficult conversations and refocus. 

  • Get a greater understanding of each other's needs and wants. 

  • Learn to maintain focus on what you want, rather than what you don't want and working collaboratively. 

  • Re-imagining a more connected future. 

And so much more...

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, pop your details below and I will be in touch with updates and a juicy exclusive discount for the pre-sale. 

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